November 4, 2014

Your city, your budget

by Joel Riphagen

A few months ago, the Sacramento Open Budget Project snagged Sacramento’s 200-page budget and unlocked the city’s vitals from PDF purgatory. We published the information here in .csv format so that anyone could download and play with it. Code4Sac members created some really neat visualizations to show expenditures by department and funding source. We hoped […]

October 4, 2014

Water you talking about?

by Elizabeth Case

As we move into the fourth year of drought, water has become California’s hottest topic: cities ration water supplies (and some areas have run out entirely) and farmers drill deep into the earth to save their fields and orchards. The state passed both a $7.1 billion water bond and California’s first groundwater management package. But there’s not a whole […]

September 27, 2014

Summit for America (and the world, too)

by Elizabeth Case

This week, Richard and I (Elizabeth) moseyed down to San Francisco to rep Code4Sac at the annual Code for America Summit, which brings together all kinds of people to spend three days talking about civic innovation. Attendees include fellows (read more about the CfA fellowship), brigade reps like Richard and I, government-tech & open data companies, & […]

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